All-in-one optimization platform with real-time insight into how people interact with your directory

Visualize - Discover data insights & interaction analysis with heatmaps

Understand - Learn visitor use patterns with live session recordings

Optimize - Find the best performing website text with A/B Testing

Engage - Customer engagement with screenshot and video feedback

Session Recordings

See what visitors do on your website or how they interact with the navigation, article, links, etc.

Determine the areas that get the most attention based on clicks, traffic source, or scrolling activity.

Dynamic Heatmaps

Perform split tests to making smart improvements to your content that are proven to garner more engagement.

A/B Split Tests


Web Personalization

Personalize your website content to show relevant information to your targeted audience.

Video feedback and annotation drawing to help you collect the most descriptive feedback from your users.

Feedback Widget

On-site survey form to help you ask a sequence of questions to collect user inputs.

Popup Survey

Event Automation

Automate user engagement with Telegram, Email, or SMS when specific events occurred.

Traffic Analysis

Easy to use traffic analysis that breaks down visitors' insight into source, country, bounce rate, etc.

Conversion Funnels

Funnels help you identify what might be going wrong in users’ sessions and drill down into visitor's detail to optimize your site flow.